We went for a run yesterday…

It was only a 2 mile run, not a big deal but there are two issues behind this run that had a major impact on our adventure.

The first issue was “where the hell are my clothes?”  We have downsized significantly and we have reduced all of our clothes into 4 containers each.  I knew I had jogging clothes but didn’t know which container had what.

I think space is one of the greatest luxuries we take for granted.  When we live on the boat we’ll have to move 2 things to get the item we want.  In order to go on this adventure we have had to make some sacrifices.  We are sacrificing space and stuff to make this work.

The other issue is the concept of running itself.  Jan and I have run on and off for several years.  In the last 5 years we have been running a half marathon at least once a year.  In October 2014 we were at the Trent River Bridge Half Marathon in New Bern, NC and were walking across the bridge back to our car.  We stopped on the bridge to look at the boats at the Double Tree Marina.  Our thought was in 2015 lets move the boat to the marina a few days before the half marathon and that way we could sleep in a bit before the race.    We were considering retiring at the time and the light bulb went off with the idea of lets sail up and down the coast stopping at towns that have half marathons.  We can get there early so we can train, eat at all the little restaurants and walk to the half marathons.   This was a great idea we could wrap our arms around.  This would give us a plan for our retirement.

This epiphany was one of 3 conversations we had in 2014 that pointed the way for us to go on our adventure.


This is a picture of us at the beginning of the half marathon.  At the time we were the last folks onto the bridge.  So yesterday’s run was the start of training for the Trent River Bridge Half Marathon in October 2015.

More to follow.

Jan & Matt & Scout, who joins us on our training runs up to 4 miles.





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