Just a few notes…

We are still getting used to being retired and having a blog.  Here is what we have learned last week.

Placing a picture in the correct location while writing this post on an iPad is tricky.

Internet and cell phone coverage is crucial.  We are living in a dead zone with AT&T so we image

have to go into town to check voice mails and tweets. While we do have Internet where we live, it is so slow I’ve

taken to reading a book while I follow Facebook.   Ironic, isn’t it!

Wildlife- being out of the city we’ve seen our share of crabs at the shoreline, snakes crossing the highway and

crossing the creek behind our house and deer flies, lots of deer flies!!!

we’ve also got a bear that comes out at night down the road and we’ve seen several baby snapping turtles.  They’re

about the size of a lemon right now.

Because we are not close to any restaurants we’re eating at home and watching what we are eating.   Jan has lost 4

pounds and I now take a smaller pant size.    The first place to shop for clothes is the local Goodwill store and

Walmart is a close second.

Work progresses on the boat.  They finished grinding off the bad parts of the bottom and have started patching the

holes and low spots.  The concept is similar to dry wall in you patch, sand and add more coats until the surface is

smooth and level.

After we run in the morning Jan and Scout do yoga.  Jan does yoga and Scout licks her face any chance she can.  I

joined the yoga crew this am and I do feel better.

More to come,

Jan, Matt & Scout, Yoga Master



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