Today is a quiet day…

Jan is at a wedding so Scout and I are being quiet and staying out of the heat. They’ve made good progress on patching the hull on the boat.  We’ll stop by on Sunday to wash the hull.  This helps dry the hull out and by us doing the work it saves a few dollars off of the boat yard bill.  We stopped by Friday afternoon and had to sponge out the bilge as it had filled up with water and was leaking out into the repairs.  We’ll have more pictures tomorrow.  Hopefully on Monday am the boat yard will start fiberglassing large strips of matting in order to stiffen up the hull.  I’ll be there to help. We still have the bear in the neighborhood.  Turns out he does his rounds every night and cuts through our back yard around 2am.  Last night he was out at 9pm because there was a wonderful lighting  storm around 9pm.   It was similar to a 4th of July fire works display.   I was walking the dog at that time and did not hear or see the bear.  It was starting to rain and the dog just wanted to sniff everything!!! We had read somewhere that you do not change your habits when you retire.  For years we have been watching TV when we ate dinner. We do not have cable TV here and not being able to watch TV bothered me.  We do have a dvd player so we are presently watching a Harry Potter movie each night.  I am happy. On the technology front, we are in a cell dead zone but have discovered we can receive texts as long as the internet works.    So far only texts through at&t are coming through.    We’ve decided we’ll go to the marina on a regular basis to take advantage of their stronger internet signal.    Jan has some shows she follows and she can watch them completely without losing the signal.      We have to drive about 6 miles before we get our voice mail notices.     There was a large flashlight on the nightstand in the master bedroom when we first moved in.  After we lost power 3 times we realized why there was a flashlight in the bedroom. The picture that was chosen to represent todays post was picked because it was easily available.   It’s from a snow storm in 2002    In order to pick a more recent picture I would have had to scroll through all of our pictures taken in the last 14 years.   There’s a reason Jan handles technical issues, she would have found yesterday’s pictures in 2 key strokes!! More to come, Jan, Matt and Scout

2 thoughts on “Today is a quiet day…

  1. Matt-loved the post but can u tell me how to see the picture! Is it just a ‘white out’ joke? Think of you 3 often!!

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    1. Cathy
      The picture is a snow scene of the kids making a snow man. I don’t know how to fix the white out issue. I’m still learning how to do posts.

      Hope you’re doing well.


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