Making Progress…

I spent today at Sailcraft boatyard helping Ryan and George reinforce the hull with extra fiberglass layers.   The original hull is about 1/2″ thick but because of all the peeling of the hull to replace blisters the boat was collapsing on itself while sitting on the stands.

So far we’ve put 3 layers of fiberglass on both sections of the bow(pointy end of the boat).  We’ll spend the rest of the week working our way down the length of the boat.  Hopefully we’ll be done Friday.  After we’re done rebuilding the hull the boatyard will apply 12 coats of modified epoxy paint and then add 2 barrier coats.  Jan and I will then add 2 coats of bottom paint.

Because epoxy is so heat sensitive a tarp was hung up over the boat and we had the benefit of 2 fans keeping everyone as cool as expected in 90 degree heat.

New fiberglass on the bow

Front of boat

More to come,

Matt and Scout- Jan is staying with friends at the beach for the week.






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