Quick Update

They made good progress  on the boat last week.  The hull is about 80% rebuilt and they should be ready to start adding the modified epoxy paint on Wednesday or Thursday.   We are hoping the boat will be ready to go home late the week after the 4th of July.

We still have the bear to deal with.  We no longer walk the dog at night.  The bear was on a different neighbors back porch last night and tore up a barbecue cover. He cuts through our back yard because a piece of landscape edging keeps getting knocked out of placer.  It must be the bear.

Downsizing is still going on.  We emptied 3 containers Sunday afternoon which means we put most of the stuff in a different container.  One large container that is now just the size of a shoe box is our Christmas box.  We will not have a large Christmas tree and we don’t need all the decorations for a house just for the boat.  I would prefer not to pay a years rent on a storage unit  just for decorations.  We have one medium container for books.  After going through it and consolidating books from other containers the lid would not close on the book box.   We separated all the books by category and we have more cookbooks than sailing books!    We reached a compromise and the lid will now close on the book box.    I’m always hungry after reading a cook book.

We are trying to eat healthier so last nights dinner was lentil loaf(lentil meat loaf)  It was really quite good.  Tonight is lentil burgers with baked beans and baked chips.

We did go walk the dog before sunset last night and came across some land fill that was from the phosphate mines in Aurora.  Jan found 4 sharks teeth and some very pretty miniature shells in about 10 minutes.   I was bitten several times by bugs.   Scout ate a lot of grass and left us her 3rd memo of the day 20 minutes later when we did not have a bag with us.    If that is the worst of our issues we have good problems!

More to come,

Jan, Matt and Scout.




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