Almost there…

They’ve been very busy at Sailcraft working on Checked Out.IMG_0985 IMG_0979 IMG_0975 IMG_0970 IMG_0953The bottom picture with the gray paint is the boat with 7 layers of epoxy paint.   The top picture is after 2 coats of black bottom paint. All that needs to be done is finish off the bottom of the keel that is sitting on wood blocks along with some fuel and rigging projects. There is also a before and after picture of the propeller and the prop treatment to protect against barnacles.

We should go back into the water this Monday and will be back in the slip either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.  We rented a vacation house until July 11 and had to extend the rental until this Wednesday.    I’ve been going to the boatyard at the end of the day most of this week and spending a few hours polishing and waxing the hull.   I last about 2 hours which allows me to finish 1 side of the hull.   Today we went in early and polished the section where the ports/windows are mounted.  This section of the boat is a bear to reach when the boat is in the slip.  We used the yellow scaffolding you see in the pictures to work on the hull.  Jan cleaned up the rub rail which is the black rubber bumper that runs around the boat.  After its been out in the weather it oxides and everything that touches the rub rail turns icky black.   That was a nasty job but the rail is nice and clean now.

While I’ve been working on the boat Jan has been downsizing even more.  We rented a 5×5 storage locker to hold stuff until we’re on the boat.  It only took a small pick up load to carry every thing we own except clothes, food/pots/pans and a few tools.

You might have noticed the featured picture on this post is the back of Checked Out.  This picture is the polished and waxed version.  The previous picture had some engine exhaust residue on the water line that would not come off.

Hopefully we’ll have another post in a few days after we’re on the boat.

More to come,

Jan, Matt & Scout



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