FINALLY!!!!!! We’re HOME!!!

IMG_0987After 44 days in the boat yard we are back in our slip at Sea Harbour.    The boat was already in the water when I got to the boatyard at 9:30am.   We talked with the guys and got ready to go.  The problem was it was raining and looked like it would rain for a while.    It did let up for a bit so we took a chance and headed home.

As soon as we got into the river the rain picked up and it started lightning 7-8 miles away( we counted the seconds from flash to sound)  OOPS!   Not smart being next to a tall metal pole during a thunderstorm.    Surprisingly we were not the only sailboat out there which made us feel pretty good.    The trip went well until we tried to dock the boat.   Checked Out did not want to go where we wanted, but we missed all the other boats and only hit one piling.

This afternoon I installed a composting toilet in the head(bathroom) and Jan deep cleaned the galley(kitchen) with lots of bleach cleaner and new shelf paper.  We really are living the dream!

Tomorrow we have to be out of the house we are renting.   Since we have rented a small storage unit I will start by pulling everything off the boat that is non essential and putting it in the storage unit.  Jan will bring the pots/pans and food to the boat.  Clothes will come in the second trip.

One of the changes we’ve made is my tool locker will now become a food pantry.  My tools will go into a tiny storage area under the port settee.

More to come,

Jan, Matt and Scout



2 thoughts on “FINALLY!!!!!! We’re HOME!!!

  1. This is GREAT news!!! Thanks for taking the time to share!! Just like being there, ‘living the dream’ with you! Greetings and hugs to Jan and Scout for us!


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