A little more than 1 week on the boat…

It has been a little more than a week since we moved aboard Checked Out last Tuesday July 14th.   Wednesday the 15th was a rest day as we were shot from moving in and trying to get stuff arranged.  I also installed a composting  toilet Tuesday afternoon.IMG_0996

Jan has been on a crusade trying to get organized on the boat and we are making a lot of progress.    Scout has been a big help and is adjusting to life on the boat.IMG_1002

Sunday I spent 5 hours fixing the water heater.  It leaked and the distributer said I needed a new gasket, it was only 6 bolts, piece of cake.    While it was only 6 bolts I had to take most  of the electronics off the heater to access the  bolts.    I also hooked the power up correctly and had to go to West Marine because I could not find the hose clamps I needed.  I found them the next day.IMG_1004

We start our day with a 2-3 mile run after breakfast.  Scout comes with us if the heat is not to bad.   After showers it’s either snacks and a nap or we get started on our projects.  We really watch the weather for the heat and rain.  Last night was a nice thunder storm.  We found one leak in the v-berth(pointy end of the boat where we sleep.)    It lightning’d for about an hour but we only had hard rain for 30 minutes.     The main reason we watch the weather is for the wind direction as this area has wind tides not a normal tide you see at the coast.IMG_1011 This is a picture looking out our galley port(kitchen window).   The ropes you see are holding a bumper so the boat does not rub against the dock and scratch the hull.   The dock boards are on the same level as the ropes.   This was our view after the wind coming out of the south west for a few days.  This means Scout only has to step up or down 6″ to get on and off the boat.  After last nights storm the wind flipped to the North and the water level has risen 12″.  That means Scout is stepping up or down 18″  (6+12=18)  For a dog that is about 20″ at her shoulders that is a big difference.    She still jumps on and off the boat but she just acts like someone who doesn’t want to jump into the cold water in the pool!

We do have a pool here and we spent Monday morning in the water after our run.

Life is pretty good here.      The featured image for this post is Jan driving the boat back to Sea Harbour in the rain last Monday.


More to follow,

Matt Jan & Scout.


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