Big Week on Checked Out

Big doings aboard Checked Out this week.

We now have doors on the companionway.IMG_1053

This is how you enter the cabin.  IMG_1054

This the before picture.  We would have to raise and lower the screen to get into the cabin.  Imagine going into a house and the door does not have hinges, you have to manually move the door.  That is how big of a deal this is.IMG_1043

We could have bought a new set of doors pre made but they are a little expensive.  Imagine you saw a video on you tube and ordered the wood and made the door yourself.  That is what I went through to make these doors.  I’m just a little proud of them.  I still need to do some filing and swap out some screws but the door is functional.

I am writing this blog on Friday afternoon.  What you don’t realize is once you retire the weekend is no longer a big deal.  Actually its more of an inconvenience since we live in a vacation wonderland.  The weekend means more people will be hanging around the marina.  Some nights Jan and I are the only people at the marina.  Its really cool to walk the docks and look at the stars at night.

Friday means make sure to get the laundry done before the weekenders use the laundry room.  Since we are between rain storms we wait for the laundry to end and the rain to stop before heading up to the laundry room.  Just something else to get used to.  Actually we both stayed on the boat until the last storm passed by.

Jan and her friend Debbie went to Blowing Rock to attend a class on creating a nature journal this week.IMG_7126  Scout and I hung out on the boat and did the dishes right before Jan got home.  Jan had a good time and is going to take more classes for her journal.

The featured photo for this post is a drawing Jan did earlier this week.



More to come,

Jan, Matt & Scout

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