Projects and THE WIND!

Lots of stuff going onboard Checked Out.

Jan just got back from the NC Shell Club meeting in Wilmington.  Scout and I batched it for a few days.

Last night it was pizza and beer with other live aboards.    The conversation focused on composting toilets. State of residence for tax purposes and how to get a better wifi signal.

The wind has been blowing out of the northeast (a nor’easter) for the past few days which makes the water level in our Marina go up.   At normal water level we step up about 2′ to get onto our boat.   The water level is up 2′ for a total of 4′ above the dock.  I’ve been deadlifting Scout on and off the boat for the last 24 hours and neither one of us is happy about it.image

I’m building a ramp for Scout and will install a cheater line so we can pull the boat close to the dock.  The boat needs to float free of the dock in high winds, when it’s tied too tight it just beats itself against the dock.

Todays weather forecast is 15-20 knots with gusts up to 30 and lots of rain throughout the week. imageThis is a picture of a house across from the marina.  It has a 2′ retaining wall that is almost completely under water.


This is one of the pilings we are tied up to.   They are 10′ high and it is almost eye level this morning.   They leave them that high for hurricanes.    If the boat is positioned correctly in the slip as the storm surge comes through the boat simply rides up over the surge and stays in the slip.    If the dock lines are tied to the cleats on the dock the boat wallows through the storm surge.   Hurricane Irene came through with an 8′ storm surge and Checked Out did fine.  The rub rails were just below the top of the pilings.    image

In our present slip we’ll push all the boats into the middle of the creek and tie them up to the docks or trees on the other side of the creek. This is the dock across from us.

Other projects include building a ramp for Scout to get inside the cabin and mounting a pedestal guard.image image

The future includes seeing the kids this weekend, Jan has to go to Morehead City to watch them launch a weather balloon for a meteorology class she is taking.  We’ve got the Neuse River Bridge half marathon and 10k run in New Bern and we’re going to the Annapolis boat show to buy a reverse cycle heat/ac unit so we can live on the boat this winter.  I’ve signed up for the Myrtle Beach Marathon in March and Jan has signed up for the Disney Star Wars Half Marathon in April in Orlando.

The opening picture for this post was taken at the end of A dock looking out into Pierce Creek and the Neuse River.   I thought it would show lots of whitecaps but the sun makes a nice reflection.

More to come,

Jan, Matt & Scout

IMG_7232The view looking out into the Neuse when the weather is nice!

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