More rain and then a hurricane, YeHaw!

Yesterday it rained at least 10 times, every time we worked outside it rained.  It was actually more comfortable when it was raining vs. the humidity between rain storms.  Monday we got 2 1/2″ of rain and 5″ on Friday.  We also had northeast winds blowing 10-20 knots.  When the wind blows out of the northeast the water rises and it is harder to get on the boat.  At its height,  the gunnell, where we step on to the boat was 4 1/2′ above the dock.  We can get on and off with the help of a set of stairs. Scout uses the stairs to get on the boat and I pick her up and put her on the dock when she wants to get off the boat.

We have a cold front starting tonight and we expect up to 10″ of rain.  Sunday we might have a hurricane visit us.  Just another day in paradise.

The  solution is to take it one day at a time.  Tomorrow we have errands to run and then we’ll start taking the sails off of the boat and getting the dock lines ready for the storm.   We’ll also prepare our “Go” bags should we decide to go inland.  The problem is Scout.  If we stay to help through the storm we would stay in the adult lounge.  Scout is not allowed in the adult lounge.  This will be a last minute decision.

We have to pull the Bimini over the cockpit and tighten up all the connections for the stantions on the deck.  Stantions are the 2′ high posts that hold the life line.

If the marina goes into hurricane mode I’ll be helping there and Jan will work on the boat.

The boat has been through many hurricanes and so have we only from the safety of our living room in Raleigh.   When we moved onboard we knew we’d face hurricanes we just hoped it was next year😀

The featured photo on this post is a picture of the stairs we use to get on the boat.

More to come,

Jan, Matt & Scout

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