Where has the time gone???

In spite of our best intentions it’s been 5-6 weeks since our last post.   In no particular order here is what we have been up to.

Travel, travel, travel!  We spent almost 2 weeks on the road in the middle of April.  Jan finished the Star Wars, Dark Side Half Marathon in Orlando this spring.  She did really well during the run but it was crowded.   Lots of Star Wars charectors walking around.  After the race we rested a day and went to Universal Studios for Harry Potter World.

Next it was down to Palm Beach to see my father.  He’s doing better and has a girl friend.  At 89 years old, life ain’t bad!  Since we will be moving down to Florida this summer/fall we did some Marina shopping and found a nice marina close by Dad.

We’ll be back in Florida in May as our sons Ben & Tyler will be spending a few days down there.

On the boat front the biggest news is we finally got a new Bimini for the boat.  It looks great and you can stand in the cockpit while it rains and not get wet. Almost like a sun room on a house.

We had the engine looked over and everything is in good shape.  Got the manual bilge pump rebuilt and it works great.  Have new anchor line and anchor chain on order.

We have a target date of July 1st to start heading south.  Have ordered several guide books to plan the trip.  Caught up with Joy & Ivan Edwards in St. Mary’s Georgia during our trip to Florida.  Ivan gave us some great advice on chart software.   They are the folks that got us thinking about starting our adventure.   If they could do it why not us?

That sounds like a good way to end this post.

More to come,

Jan, Matt & Scout

One thought on “Where has the time gone???

  1. Absolutely love the posts!! Sorry to have missed you when you came to office! Will email you personally soon. Hug Jan for us!

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