We’ve left the dock!!

Please note that we have not included any pictures in this post because the Marina we are staying at does not have wifi which means this post has been written on a cell phone. To see pictures of our trip go to our Facebook page, We Are Checked Out.   Jan takes pictures during our trip and usually posts them later that day.

We are spending the weekend at the Carolina Beach State Park Marina.   The weather looks good for a trip to Bald Head Island on Monday.

We finally left the dock for good last Thursday and ended up staying in the Morehead Yacht Basin Marina for a few days to rest and plan our next travels.  Great restaurants and lots of big boats in the Morehead area.  Did have a storm come threw that blew 30 mph with gusts to 45!  Put an extra dock line on the bow in the middle of this storm.

Our rule was to not travel on the ICW on Sunday but the weather was so nice we took a chance.    Big mistake!  Lots of local boats blowing by us, we rocked all the way to Dudleys Marina in Swansboro.    Went for a walk that evening in Swansboro and came across a band doing a Sunday night concert at the pavilion. Probably 250 in the audience.  I thought the band was called Second Chance from La Grange or Kinston. Very entertaining performance.

Next day we were off to Snead’s Ferry and Swan Point Marina. Fun rustic place.  Evelyn, the owner came by with a hot loaf of cinnamon bread, delicious!

We spent 2 days at the Harbour Village Marina.   Very nice place. Mike the dock master and Chris his son do a great job.   Got tied up to the dock an hour before a severe thunderstorm came through.  This was one where the lightening was directly above you!

We stayed an extra day because we were having problems with our route planning.  We are finally having to deal with tides and currents. Since we didn’t have to be anywhere we stayed an extra day to plan the route.   Our plan was to go to Wrightsville for the weekend but all the marinas were full.

Mike recommended Carolina Beach Marina and it has been a good choice.    We left @ 6:30am to get a head start on 2 draw bridges that only open on the hour or half hour.   Missed the first bridge by 5 minutes that ended up adding 1 1/2 hours to our trip.    Our concern was the winds would blow up in the afternoon and we did not want to be coming into a new Marina with winds pushing us around.

The trip was 32 miles and took us 6 hours in some brutal heat.    So far we have traveled around 110 miles in 7 days with 700 miles to go.     Before we take off we spend 2-3 hours planning the trip noting where shoaling might catch us, inputting the route into the chart plotter and watching winds, tides and currents.

Today and tomorrow are rest days and Sunday is for planning and prep.  We are staying cool by drinking lots of water when traveling and firing up the ac as soon as we have power at the dock.

More to come,

Jan and Matt

Scout is spending the summer with Tyler in Boone NC.  The heat and boat motion would have been to much for her.

2 thoughts on “We’ve left the dock!!

  1. Ahoy

    EXCELLENT Beginnings, fun to follow along. Hope the heat index drops to tolerable. Safe Travels. Dale & Merna


    1. Awesome. Hope you guys are getting used to the shoals get dangers. But with your draft you guys should be in pretty good shape. Keep us posted and can’t wait to see more pics of your journey.


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