Bald Head Island and Southport, NC

One thing Jan insisted we do during our journey was spend a month on Bald Head Island. She has been there many times and loves the island.    Because Scout is staying with Tyler in Boone, NC she changed the agenda to only 1 week in Bald Head because we miss the dog.

The trip started uneventfully when we left Carolina Beach Marina with an outgoing tide. As soon as we got into the Cape Fear river channel we were facing a large cargo ship coming right at us. Until you’ve been on a little boat looking up at a cargo ship you don’t realize how big those things are.  No problem getting by and those things do not leave a large wake behind them.

Right before we were entering the Bald Head channel I could see a large truck which I thought was in a parking lot.    Jan said that was the islands truck ferry and it was heading right for us.     Oops! We quickly did 3 circles to let the truck ferry and the islands regular ferry go by.  Docking was easy compared to getting to the island.

Depending upon who you ask, Jan spent either not enough time or to much time on the beach!  She does have a nice shell/beach glass collection to show for her efforts.   We rented bikes and rode all over the island dodging golf carts where ever we went.   Debbie Kramer spent the weekend with us and she also spent a lot of time on the beach.

We have a strong ac unit on board so the heat is not getting to us except Saturday night when we lost power until 4am.   We were all a little sweaty when the power came back on.

Monday am it was a quick trip to Southport for a few days.  We are going to Raleigh on Wednesday and it is easier to get a rental car from Southport.

One luxury the Southport Marina does provide is cable tv.   We have been without cable since we left Cary last June.    It took about 30 minutes to realize we really haven’t missed much.

We have been impressed with how friendly the boating community is.   The first question people ask is “Are you heading north or south?”  If they’ve been where you are going the advice starts to flow, watch out for this bridge/marker/inlet.

Weather permitting we are heading South Thursday am.    We’re working on our South Carlina agenda this afternoon.

More to come,

Jan & Matt

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