Getting back to normal!

We arrived back in Palm Beach after Matthew and the boat was in very good shape.   The spots that leaked before we left still leaked but we did not find any new leaks.  Winds did not get over 50mph in the marina.  Our focus now is to develop a daily routine while at the dock.    We have so many projects we want to do the size of the list intimidates us.    We have both started lists of things to do.   Jan is planning on painting the inside of the boat while I am trying to install a permanent cable jack.

Scout has adapted well to being back on the boat. She did have some massive clots of hair under her ears when she got to Florida but those have been trimmed away.  She is still adjusting to the weather here.    In the middle of the afternoon it can still get a little hot but mostly it is very pleasant.  We had our first cold front of the fall this Saturday, it got below 70 degrees at night!

Tomorrow, October 25,2016 we will begin training for our next half marathon, the Princess Half Marathon in Orlando.   It will be in late February on our 38th anniversary weekend.   This will be the 6th half marathon for each of us.

Even though we have been coming to Palm Beach for over 20 years we are able to explore and enjoy Palm Beach.  Juno Beach is 1.25 miles away from the boat and the beach that allows dogs is .25 further down the road.   I don’t think anyone cooks here.  Everywhere you look is not one but 7 restaurants in every shopping center.  We have found a sports bar with great food, Kirby’s,  a great Chinese place but I can not remember the name of and our favorite Publix grocery store.  There are 3 within 2 miles of the boat.

The purpose of moving here was to be near my father who is 90 years old and has suffered a few minor strokes.   We see him daily and go out to lunch a lot.   We chose this Marina because it is 2.5 miles away from him.

Our marina is beginning to fill up for the winter.  Still a lot of open slips but the boats that have been arriving are big and beautiful.   A 70 footer and an 85 footer came in last week.   The 102 footer should be here this week.

We do plan to sail and anchor out while we are in Florida.   The West End of the Bahamas is only 58 miles from us and the Abacos are 80 miles from West End.    We can do this.  We had a few 40 mile days so 58 miles is doable.

More to come,

Jan, Matt & Scout

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