Hurricane Irma and travel plans

We are back to working on the blog for a bit.  We have been in Florida for 1 year as of late September and have been focused on issues other than working on the blog.  I was going to do an update a few weeks ago but I could not remember my password!

We did not have any damage from Hurricane Irma and for that we are very fortunate.   We were also very lucky.  Irma went to the western side of Florida so we did not get the brunt of the weather. Secondly, while 30 miles to the north of us Port  St. Lucie was hit with a rain band and got 17″ of rain, we only got 5″ of rain in Palm Beach Gardens.  Finally our marina is a hurricane hole which means we are well protected by buildings and houses.

In preparation for Irma I used 17 dock lines and taped every hatch we had.  The dinghy was hauled up on shore and tied among the trees.  Jan cleaned the boat so nothing would fly about if the boat started rocking

Jan found us a room at the Homewood Suites on 45th street.  We had a little kitchenette along with a nice tv area.  We were very comfortable and safe throughout the storm.  We only lost power  for 12 hours Sunday night.   We checked on the boat Monday morning and every thing was fine.  Our trip back to the boat was tricky as most of the stop lights did not work.   Because of how bad the drivers are down here with working stop lights we took as many back roads as we could to get to the marina.   Monday night the Marina got power and we moved back aboard Tuesday am.  We could not believe how much stuff we brought with us until we remembered we packed as if we were going to lose the boat.

Our next adventure-we will be heading to Annapolis Monday, September 25th to work at the US Sailboat show.   Jan has always wanted to work the show so we filled out applications and were hired.    We think Jan will be working security at a gate while the vendors set up while I will be building docks.   We’ll help set up the show for 4 days then take tickets for a few days.  After the Sailboat show we tear the docks apart and rebuild them for the Powerboat show the next week.  After the Powerboat show we tear the show apart and go home.    Scout will be visiting Tyler during the show.  Scout thinks she’s going to be visiting a mountain spa for a few days.   Our friends Joy & Ivan will be sharing an apartment with us and working at the show.

We’ll try to post regularly.  More to come,

Jan, Matt & Scout

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma and travel plans

  1. Thanks for the update!! Enjoy!! We also were very blessed through the the storm! Will be looking for the next update in your travels! Love it!


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